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Elopement photography for wedding is what you will need if you are not into the concept of having “a grand affair” type of wedding. These events are so big with so many people invited that they often can be quite expensive and stressful to organize.
In recent years, elopement has changed as modern couples begin to think critically about what is important to them in celebrations and find ways to save a penny.
Due to the danger of COVID-19 spreading among wedding guests, the coronavirus pandemic has also given engaged couples another reason to consider elopement.
Although this route is not for everyone, if you have ever considered going to an exotic destination you should know the following information about elopement:
What does elopement mean?
Why do couples choose to elope
Pros and cons of elopement
How to organize elopement photography?
Therefore, a new way of approaching this important day is increasingly taking over and becoming a great alternative to the traditional wedding. Couples, in order to escape all this buzz have started to “literally escape”. Break away with the old traditions, do their own things and get hitched.
This is what we call an elopement wedding.
What is the elopement wedding exactly?
Elopement weddings is the marriage ceremonies where the couple runs off and gets married without friends and family, in secret.
Only a witness and an officiant are present for the event.
However now is a way to getting married outside your country with few friends.
These weddings could happen anywhere at any place of your choice. In a park that is special to you, on a beach if you love waves, or even at Grand Canyon or in Iceland if that’s your thing!
Why do couples choose to elope?
There is more than one reason for rejecting traditional weddings and receptions. It can be any combination of the following or other factors.
You don’t want to spend a lot of money.
Sspending thousands of dollars to tie the knot may make people feel like a wrong investment.
You want to fully enjoy the big day.
The performances of ceremonies and receptions, the endless social interaction with all guests, and the climax of several months of planning may make you accept a lot at once. Therefore, you may not be present all the time.
You are uncomfortable with attention. If you or your partner don’t like the spotlight, holding a grand wedding for dozens of people may make you feel highly anxious.
You are so busy. If you focus on other priorities in your life and don’t have time for large gatherings, go with someone close.
You want amazing photos as a perfect memories. Elopement guarantee a great background and place. You can exchange your ring behind a waterfall or a huge mountain. This will turn your photos in something unique and really beautiful.
Prop and cons for elopement
These weddings are special and popular amongst couples because the wedding became more intimate. It saves you a lot of time and money. Also a lot of hassle in terms of organizing the venue, food, decorations.
Furthermore the big crowd is avoided.
Pro N1: You will get exactly want you want, at your style. In addiction the photos will be arts compare to the others. In according with the photographer you can plan something unique. You will be the only one to have this wonderful photos
Con N1: You’ll miss out on tradition. You’ve watched friends or siblings go through the planning process, and it doesn’t sound appealing to duplicate their wedding day.
Pro N2: You will avoid stress and decision.
There is no way to solve it, wedding planning is stressful.
From choosing a venue and choosing a supplier to coping with the pressure of family and friends. Even the most relaxed couple may develop a short-term insurance.
Con N2: Your parents may not like it.
Although perceptions of elopement are changing, your parents may not yet fully adapt.
Pro N3: You will save money.
Once you have decided on a different wedding venue and paid the deposit, your cost list has just begun. Abandoning tradition usually means you will spend less money, and a flexible schedule can also bring huge savings.
Con N3: Your friend may have a problem.
Your close friends and brothers and sisters have been by your side for many years. So, when you announce on Social Media that you are running away on weekends, you better believe that they will want to talk. Some people may hurt their feelings by not participating in the celebration, and may even alienate you.
How to organize elopement photography?
If you decided to get hitched secretly you’ll only have to think about: destination, legalities and photography.
Do you want a chic city elopement in Paris or New York? Island vows in the Carribbean or Thailand?. Maybe you prefer to tick a destination off your bucket list and go to New Zealand, South Africa or Italy?
Once you’ve decided where you want to go you can start building a plan from there. I know what will be the best for you. As a photographer I can give suggestions about will be the best for your time, your experience and your photos. My aim is to freeze this amazing moment for you in a frame so that you can come back to it at any point in your life. I capture your intimacy and love such that you can feel the tenderness and affection flowing even years after!

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